Many Xbox One gamers have been waiting anxiously for the latest monthly list of new backward compatibility games and Xbox community manager Major Nelson has finally delivered. The list is made up of 9 Xbox Live Arcade titles and 1 Games On Demand title. Major Nelson also revealed that Microsoft will no longer be releasing new backward compatibility games on a set monthly date. Instead, they’ll be announcing those games as soon as they become available.

If the games you wanted didn’t make the list this month, visit Xbox Feedback and let the Xbox team know what 360 games you’d like to be able to play on the Xbox One.

Backwards Compatibility Games List

Aegis Wing (Xbox Live Arcade)

Age of Booty (Xbox Live Arcade)

Counter-Strike: GO (Xbox Live Arcade)

Jeremy McGrath’s Offroad (Xbox Live Arcade)

Sam & Max Save the World (Xbox Live Arcade)

Skullgirls (Xbox Live Arcade)

Small Arms (Xbox Live Arcade)

Soucalibur (Xbox Live Arcade)

Space Giraffe (Xbox Live Arcade)

The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings (Games On Demand)

Xbox One Official Website

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