“Great job ripping that polar bear in half, dude!”

Since the beginning of time, men have dreamt of hearing those immortal words. Men don’t want to bake cookies or sing songs like the media would have you believe. They don’t want to wear khaki pants and smile all the time. Men want action! They want to drink chocolate milk while they smash things. They want to impress hot, busty women by throwing large rocks at school buses. They want to stay up late watching scary movies without being hassled by their annoying parents. But most of all, they want their friends to respect their unique bear fighting technique.

The Black Iron Rangers are a gaming clan that fully embody that spirit of bravado and hypermasculinity. While other clans are at home eating vegetables and watching the news, we’re outside stuffing our faces with fish sticks and bench pressing pregnant walruses.

Don’t be an idiot. JOIN THE BLACK IRON RANGERS!!!

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