Welcome to 2016, Guardians! SRL is over and Bungie is ringing in the New Year with a Sparrow-load of sweet loot. After January 7th, 2016 check the Tower for 15 Strange Coins and 15 Motes of Light. Also, if you log in and complete any playable activity from January 7th to January 10th, they’ll send you an exclusive emblem on January 12th.

Little has been said about what to expect from Destiny in 2016, but community manager DeeJ posted the Year-End Update on December 22nd and said, “2016 will be a new journey – with its own discoveries and revelations. Before we embark upon it, we’ll be taking some time to prepare for another campaign.”

The Bungie Weekly Update is scheduled to return on January 21st.

Destiny: The Taken King Official Website

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